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What If, 2017


New album 'What If'


Out March 31st 2017 on

City Slang & Temporary Residence Ltd


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    “What If“ reveals itself as the work of a man hungry to explore new sounds, eager to experiment with new approaches, and undeniably revelling in this irrepressible outpouring of creativity.

    Overflowing with haunting melodies (“I Can’t Express My Love“, “Familiar Things Disappear“), mysterious sounds (“I Can’t Find Water“, “My Kids Live On Mars“), complex patterns (“Constant Growth Fails“, “Nature Fights Back“) and a rare dexterity that is hopefully matched by the intellectual response to the challenging scenarios its titles envisage, “What If“ crowns an extraordinary couple of years for Bertelmann.

    Likely to prove one of this year’s most original albums, while at the same time inspiring questions about the very nature of the world we inhabit, “What If“ redefines the very notion of piano music in a dramatic and exceptional fashion. It stands as a rebuttal to those who lazily seek to shoehorn Hauschka’s work into the uncomfortably broad “new classical“ category, and instead underlines his status as a unique and invaluable artist.


    Label: City Slang/Temporary Residence
    Format: Digital, CD
    Release Date: March 31, 2017

A NDO C Y, 2015


A: Varosha

Palace in the Sky

North Brother IslandHashima Island

El Hotel Del Saito

B: Agdam (Devandra Banhart Remix)

Stromness (Eluvium Remix)


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    A NDO C Y is a continuation of the Abandoned City story, told as a tale of two sides. Side A features five tracks conceived during the Abandoned City sessions, a suite of songs that together form an exceptionally resonant whole.

    As with Abandoned City, these songs owe as much to minimalist techno as modern composition, which makes them particularly conducive to remixes. On Side B, experimental folk icon Devendra Banhart distills Abandoned City standout, "Agdam", to barely-there, fractured clusters of solitary piano strikes and swelling synths. By comparison, Eluvium's transformation of "Stromness" sounds almost shockingly euphoric, all cascading waves of distortion washed over a plethora of plucked piano pings. Included as a special bonus download is a stunning live album recorded in Yufuin, Japan in late 2014. The 40-minute performance is split into two 20-minute improvisations built on themes from Abandoned City. It's a gorgeous glimpse of live Hauschka, a world where songs you think you know become entirely new works of art at the mercy of Bertelmann's whims.


    Label: Temporary Residence - North America

    Format: LP, Digital

    Release: August 7, 2015

2.11.14, 2015


A: Yufuin Part 1 (22:07)

B: Yufuin Part 2 (20:58)






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    This limited editon vinyl LP documents two 20 minute improvisations that were recorded in Japan last year November and are very loosely based on his last album 'Abandoned City'.

    The result is a captivating energetic stream of consciousness set to music. In parts this appears even more like a DJ set, you may dance!

    The album will be available on June 22nd digitally and as a limited editon vinyl edition.


    "Yufuin is a small picturesque town on the Japanese Island Kyushu. We arrived in the afternoon at the main station after a long train ride. After Yoshiyuki Tanigawa picked us up we drove all the way up into the mountains. At the center of a residential area we found a very modern museum called Artegio. We started to set up our equipment and tools around the concert piano in the middle of a room surrounded by only a handful of artifacts. It sounded just great right away. There was also a Cafe in the same house, I remember the relaxed atmosphere while ordering an espresso. They also sold homemade chocolate.We clipped 12 microphones to the Piano and used an additional stereo signal via a sub-mixer which I fused 3 different delays and included a bass drum sound created by a piano hammer.The mixing desk included a built-in recording option so the recording itself was a very spontaneous decision. We had only two tracks so it’s the same stereo-mix that the audience heard.When my sound engineer Michael Buchholz and I listened to the recording for the first time we immediately realized how special it was both musically and sound-wise, and it was then when I decided to make this recording available for everyone. It is a great experience to drive for several hours to a remote and modest place in the mountains of Kyushu only to find the ideal setting to record a piece of music so touching yet rough and spontaneous.Many thanks to Kazuki Tomita, who happens to take me to extraordinary places so often, thanks also to Yoshiyuki Tanigawa (CREEKS) who organized the concert and literally thought of everything.“

    Volker Bertelmann / Hauschka Berlin May 2015


    Label: CITY SLANG - Europe and the United Kingdom

    Format: Vinyl/Digital

    Released: June 22, 2015


Abandoned City, 2014


1. Elizabeth Bay

2. Pripyat

3. Thames Town

4. Who lived here

5. Agdam

6. Sanzhi Pod City

7. Craco

8. Barkersville

9. Stromness










  • INFO

    The compositions on Abandoned City awaken the loneliness and unattainable romance of timeless, unfamiliar places, with cinematic melodies full of resonant overtones, bright cheerful keyboard patterns and dark percussive touches. The tracks all bear the names of actual vacant cities. Hauschka chose Abandoned City as the title of the album to convey the sense of hope and sadness that consumes him when he’s sitting alone at the keyboard. “I was interested in finding a metaphor for the inner tension I feel when I’m composing music, a state of mind where I’m lonely and happy at the same time,” Hauschka professes. “When I saw photos of abandoned cities, I felt it was perfect.”


    Label: CitySlang/Temporary Residence

    Format: CD,Vinyl,DoubleCD, Album,

    Released: 17 March, 2014



Salon des Amateurs Remixes, 2012


1. Radar

(Michael Mayer remix)

2. Sunrise

3. Cube

(Ricardo Villalobos &

Max Loderbauer remix)

4. Tanzbein

(Steve Bicknell –

Lost mix)










5. Radar (alva noto Remodel)

6. Girls (Hauntologists remix)

7. Ping (Tolouse Low Trax remix)

8. Two AM (patten remix)

9. Ping (Vainqueur remix)

10. Subconscious

(Vladislav Delay remix)

  • INFO

    Following up Hauschka groundbreaking 'Salon Des Amateurs' release, comes this great collection of electronically-angled remixes commissioned from a selection of highly respected producers. Pitched between the dancefloor and the more experimental edges of electronica, the cast of remixers is largely drawn from fellow German artists, friends and FatCat allies.


    Label: FatCat

    Format: Vinyl/Digital

    Released: 16 October, 2012



Salon des Amateurs, 2012


A. Tanzbein (Steve Bicknell - Lost Mix)

AA. Ping (Vainqueur Remix)






  • INFO

    This second vinyl-only EP runs in advance of a full album of electronically-angled ‘Salon Des Amateurs’ remixes, which have been commissioned from a selection of producers - including the likes of Matthew Herbert, Vladislav Delay, Alva Noto, Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer, Patten, and Michael Mayer.


    Label: FatCat

    Release: 11 June 2012

    Format: Vinyl/Digital



Salon des Amateurs, 2012

Remix EP 1


A. Cube (Ricardo Villalobos * Max Loderbauer Remix)

AA. Radar (Michael Mayer Remix)




  • INFO

    This 12” is the first of two vinyl-only EPs, running in advance of a full album of electronically-angled remixes of ‘Salon Des Amateurs’. These have been commissioned from a selection of producers whose work we admire, including the likes of Matthew Herbert, Vladislav Delay, Alva Noto, Vainqueur, Patten, and Steve Bicknell. This first release sees three artists, each based in Hauschka’s native Germany, get to grips with his material.


    Label: FatCat

    Release: 2 July, 2012

    Format: Vinyl/Digital











Silfra, 2012


01. Stillness

02. Bounce Bounce

03. Clock Winder

04. Adash

05. Godot

06. Krakow

07. North Atlantic

08. Draw a Map

09. Ashes


  • INFO

    Silfra, though, works as a full-bodied entity, something even greater than its parts. As Hahn suggests, “you’re hearing exactly what evolved at the moment it came to life, in every second of this album. That is very rare. It was such a rewarding experience making the record that I get a little nostalgic when I hear it.” She’s not going to be alone. It may be unexpected, but Silfra might just end up being one of the most original and inventive albums of the year. No wonder they both sound so happy.

    by Wyndham Wallace


    Label: Deutsche Grammophon

    Release date: 2 May, 2012

    Format: LP/CD


Unbestimmt, 2011


A: Macunaíma (15:31)

B: Nachts der Wald braucht so ganz viel Ruhe (18:20)






  • INFO

    Prepared pianist Hauschka aka Volker Bertelmann and Brasilian painter Rosliene Luduvico with an ad hoc recording session in preparation for their collaborative show "Unbestimmt" at Kunstverein Schwerte, Germany from Sept 01 to Oct 16, 2011 on invitation by Christian Freudenberger and Markus Karstieß.

    Losely themed around the forests near the artists birthplaces in Northern Brasil and Western Germany with its gods, myths and Maerchen, we hear stories and chants over Hauschkas trademark piano experiments drenched in dark delay.


    Label: Apparent Extend

    Format: 12“Vinly (Limited Edition)

    Release date: 3 December, 2011

    Written by: Hauschka & Rosilene Ludovico

YouYoume, 2011


A1. So Close

B1. So Far

B2. Paige And June





  • INFO

    ‘Youyoume’ is a unique record in Hauschka’s discography bringing together some of the styles and ideas which have come to define his unmistakable sound.


Pan Tone, 2011

Hauschka & Hildur Gu∂nadóttir



1. #283

2. #294

3. Black 6

4. #304

5. #320

6. Cool Gray 1











10. Sink

11. Halo of Honey

12. Rift

  • INFO

    "Pan Tone" is a recording of a single concert which the duo performed on the 26th of February 2010 as part of Arctic Circle - Bubbly Blue and Green festival at Kings Place in London, and documents an event that would truly never be repeated.


    Label: Sonic Pieces

    Format: CD

    Release date: 23 September, 2011

    Music: Hauschka & Hildur Gu∂nadóttir


Salon des Amateurs, 2011


1. Radar

2. Two AM

3. Girls

4. Ping

5. Cube

6. Subconscious

7. No Sleep

8. Tanzbein

9. Taxi Taxi


10. Sunrise










  • INFO

    Hot on the heels of October 2010's ‘Foreign Landscapes’ album, Hauschka

    returns with a brilliant new full-length, which once again sees the

    adventurous pianist/composer pushing into fresh territory and expanding

    his oeuvre. Where 'Foreign Landscapes' saw Hauschka shifting from his

    acclaimed solo 'prepared' piano into full-scale orchestral compositions,

     ‘Salon des Amateurs’ sees the artist utilising the percussive qualities

     of the treated piano for a unique take on techno and house music.



    Label: FatCat

    Formats: CD / Digital / LP

    Release date: 11 April, 2011



Foreign Landscapes, 2010


1. Alexanderplatz

2. Iron Shoes

3. Mount Hood

4. Madeira

5. Union Square

6. Snow

7. Early In The Park

8. Kamogawa

9. Children











10. Sunny Mission

11. Kouseiji

12. Trost

  • INFO

    Stepping out from his established niche as a gifted and engaging

    ‘prepared piano’ player, he boldly extends his repertoire, resetting his

     music within a rich orchestral score. Nine of the album’s twelve tracks feature a 12-piece string and wind ensemble from San Francisco’s Magik*Magik Orchestra, alongside Volker Bertelmann’s own prepared piano.

    Dynamic, brimming with character and colour, ‘Foreign Landscapes’

    retains its author’s distictive musical voice and leads the listener

    through a beautifully balanced collection, moving from delicate solo

    piano lyricism to a propulsive, robust minimalism. Now dark and

    intimate, now playful, now driving, the ensemble’s fleshed-out

    instrumentation enables Hauschka to bring his exuberant versatility to a vital new level. With ‘Foreign Landscapes’, Hauschka stretches for - and reaches - stunning new realms.


    Label: FatCat

    Format: CD, Promo

    Released: 25 October, 2010












Small Pieces, 2009


1. Sehnsucht

2. Flingern

3. Brooklyn

4. Unknown

5. Wohin











  • INFO

    “Small pieces” is hauschka’s seventh release since 2004. after the great feedback on his “ferndorf” album and the “snowflakes and carwrecks” ep the german pianist is focused on very minimal little pieces with a few or even no preparations.


    Label: Secret Furry Hole – SFH 005

    Format: CDr, Mini, Limited Edition

    Released: September, 2009











Snow Flakes & Car Wrecks, 2009


A1. Ginsterweg

A2. Eisblume

A3. Wonder

B1. Tanz

B2. Kindelsberg











  • INFO

    On the heels of October’s ‘Ferndorf’ album, Düsseldorf-based pianist / composer Volker Bertelmann (aka Hauschka) kicks of the new year with a beautiful extended EP of previously unreleased material, all of which was recorded during the ‘Ferndorf’ sessions. Featuring seven new tracks (five on the vinyl edition), the EP is a great follow-up to an album which has continued to draw widespread critical acclaim.


    Label: FatCat

    Format: CD

    Release date: 23 February, 2009


Ferndorf, 2008


1. Blue Bicycle

2. Morgenrot

3. Rode Null

4. Freibad

5. Barfuss Durch Gras

6. Heimat

7. Nadelwald

8. Schönes Mädchen

9. Eltern











10. Alma

11. Neuschnee

12. Weeks Of Rain

  • INFO

    Where the previous album comprised mostly solo recordings of Hauschka’s ‘prepared’ piano (with a few electronic and instrumental overdubs), ‘Ferndorf’ is a far more expansive and fully-realised album, with many of the tracks also featuring a string duo, enabling an increased solidity. More dynamic, its staccato stabbing rhythms are rendered increasingly rousing and emotive with these additional strings. Whilst he recordings still retain the shivers and tics (as by-products of) of the modified internal workings of the piano - alongside some sweet electronic touches – these are less central and instead what’s foregrounded is the melodic / rhythmic push and pull, and a development towards more orchestrated music and notated compositions.


    Label: Fat Cat

    Format: CD, Album

    Released: 22 September, 2008


Room to Expand, 2007


1. La Dilettante

2. Paddington

3. One Wish

4. Chicago Morning

5. Kleine Dinge

6. Belgrade

7. Sweet Spring Come

8. Femmeassise

9. Watercolour Milk











10. Zahnluecke

11. Fjorde

12. Old Man Playing Boules

  • INFO

    As ‘Room To Expand’ shows, Hauschka´s resulting tracks are composed both originally and charmingly, forming vivid, unconventional pieces made through what Volker Bertelmann terms a playful ‘research-enthusiasm’.

    Always assured and adventurous, the album flows beautifully, from the spritely, layered sprawl of the string-backed ‘La Dilettante’ to the ever-evolving growth of ‘One Wish’; the minimalist repetition and percussive noise of ‘Sweet Spring Come’ and the sparse, delicate beauty of ‘Kleine Dinge’ or ‘Old Man Playing Boules’. There’s a lovely sense of depth and balance to the album – skipping through a range of moods, each piece is animated with its own particular character, its own weight and feel.


    Label: Fat Cat

    Format: CD, Album

    Released: 26 February, 2007



Version of Prepaired Piano, 2005


A1. La Seine

A2. Traffic

A3. Fernpunkt

A4. Where Were You

A5. Gingko Tree

A6. Firn

B1. Twins

B2. Two Stones











Sold OUT

B3. Kein Wort

B4. Long Walk

B5. Kreuzung

B6. Morning

  • INFO

    One thing’s for sure: these “revisions” or “versions” asked a lot of

    everyone involved. It wasn’t about simply putting melodies on a straight minimal track – Hauschka’s piano rather integrates itself as both a rhythmic and melodic element or presets the conditions. TG Mauss’ melancholic pop track demonstrates this procedure to an almost exemplary extent.  We are dealing with something quite extraordinary here as we’re confronted with something that both functions beautifully in itself and – being constantly in comparison with the original – reveals something of the art of compositon and arranging.


    Label: Karaoke Kalk – karaoke kalk 41

    Format: Vinyl, LP

    Released: 4 June, 2007



The Prepaired Piano, 2005


1. La Seine

2. Traffic

3. Fernpunkt

4. Where Were You

5. Ginkgo Tree

6. Firn

7. Twins

8. Two Stones

9. Kein Wort










10. Long Walk

11. Kreuzung

12. Morning

  • INFO

    Like a child? A masterpiece of crafts, the so called hammer-string-mechanics of the grand piano, makes a little hammer strike a tightened string. Its length, perimeter and tension have been designed with expert precision, they determine its very particular pitch. The well-constructed body of the grand piano is resounding the vibration: the sounding of a pure tone. It is the result of a long tradition in constructing instruments, generations have been researching and working to perfect it. Volker Bertelmann alias Hauschka is concentrating on just one piano and still there seems to be an entire orchestra accompanying him, too.

    by Oliver Tepel


    Label: Karaoke Kalk – karaoke kalk cd 31

    Format: CD

    Released: 19 September, 2005



Substantial, 2004


1. Orange I

2. Vielleicht

3. Golden

4. Dark I

5. Sequence I

6. Fragile

7. Wait

8. Sequence II

9. Cardiff











10. Dark II

11. Orange II

  • INFO

    “Substantial” is a snapshot of a life spent with the black and white keys, and is simultaneously both moment and history, thought and feeling, yet without turning into a unduly meaningful concept album. Rather, “Substantial” is based upon the least conceptual of all concepts: Improvisation. Each track is based upon an opening sequen- ce, the theme of which is extended, modulated and varied with, as far as form or length is concerned, no specific objective in mind. What has come out is music of a dif- fering, well, substance: Eleven atmospheric pieces in which a variety of different techniques overlap and rhythmical images with narrative depth unfold; in which further instruments, such as double bass or vibraphone make a fleeting appearance, at once lending a hint of pop, but at no time detracting from the piano as central instru- ment; in which experimental and electronic music is accessed without compromising the directness and ease of the improvisational approach.


    Label: Karaoke Kalk – karaoke kalk cd 25

    Format: CD, Album

    Released: 23 February, 2004