Act of Violence (Höhere Gewalt)

Germany, 2008


Lars Henning Jung


Tontraeger (Hauschka & Torsten G. Mauss)


Winner Best Feature Film 2008, 15. Corto Imola Film Festival

Winner Best Actor Vinzenz Kiefer 2008, Kimera Film Festival

Award Student Jury & Best Young Actress Alice Dwyer 2008, Max Ophüls Preis

Award Student Jury 2008, Biberach Film Festival

Nominated 2008, First Steps Award


A teenage party of six spends one last weekend together at a remote cottage. Every single one of them has a specific reason to come along. But it’s not friendship.  Strecker (Vinzenz Kiefer), the self-proclaimed, egomaniac leader has recently been abandoned by hs girlfriend Jasmin and can’t deal with this disgrace. He wants to win her back. Jasmin (Anna Bertheau) invigorates her decision and sleeps with Sören, the Nerd. Steffi (Natalie Spinell) serves as Streckers’ satisfactional substitute, endures his humiliations while wishing to turn him into a better person. Betz (Tobias Schenke) wants to hit on Maike by playing rough jokes. Maike (Alica Dwyer) is Jasmin’s little sister and wants so dearly to be part of the group that she tolerates every act on her. Sören (Christian Polito) wants to prove his intellectual superiority to the others when all he wishes for is respect.

It is not friendship that chains to group together but a hierarchical order. And they have only two days to bring a change to this order or they will drop out as losers.

Genre:  Drama

Runtime:  96 min

Color:  Color



Producer: Johannes Brommer
Co-producer: Jörg Himstedt
Music: Torsten G. Mauss, Volker Bertelmann
Cinematography: Mathias Prause
Editing: Sabine Smit
Production Design: Nora Landwehr

Costume Design: Elke Sivers

Sound: Yannic Herrmannsdörfer, Alexander von Lengerken
Actors: Tobias Schenke, Vinzenz Kiefer, Alice Dwyer, Anna Bertheau, Natalie Spinell


HOEHERE GEWALT TRAILER from Lars Henning Jung on Vimeo.